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Restomod 94 Lexus LS400 for sale

حولي، مدينة الكويت تم إضافة الإعلان في 08:47, 18 أكتوبر 2016, رقم الإعلان: 100116570

موديل فئة - إل اس
السنة ١٩٩٤
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Lexus LS model and year: 1994 LS400

Mileage: Approx. 51,000 as of 110 - أظهر الرقم -
Engine : 1UZ-FE 4.0 V8 Quad Cam
Wheel Make & Model: Lexus LS430 OEM 'Smoked'
Wheel Size (diameter and width): 18"
Paint Shade: Two-tone Silver Beige Metallic
Tire Make and Model: Jinyu 235/50/ R18s
Tire Size Front and Rear: Jinyu 235/50/ R18s
Price: 3500KWD (Negotiable, Make me an offer


- Brand new Genuine Lexus LS400 Shock-absorbers Rear and Front (2015).

- Recently had engine Oil changed along with Filter (Genuine Consumables) (07.2016).

- Also had coolant flushed and replaced with new fluids (Genuine Consumables) (07.2016).

- Front outer Tire Rods replaced with new ones (Left + Right) + Wheel calibration and Alignment done. (08.2016)

- Had touch up paint applied on some parts of the car (2015).

- Left mud guard was slightly damaged, repaired and painted (2015)

- Car was purchased in 2009 and had 7000 kms on her.

- Everything is stock and original except for below modifications

- There is absolutely nothing wrong with the car mechanically and drives like a dream.

Modifications : -

- 2.5" Lift on the Front Spring Coils (2015).

- Stock Rims replaced with ‘Smoked’ Lexus LS430 18” OEM Rims (2015).

- Aged Pioneer subwoofer was replaced with Polk Audio Subwoofer (2015)

- Faulty Audio stereo was replaced with Double Din Touchscreen, DVD, Bluetooth Multimedia entertainment system (2016).


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Restomod 94 Lexus LS400 for sale حولي -  2
Restomod 94 Lexus LS400 for sale حولي -  3
Restomod 94 Lexus LS400 for sale حولي -  4
Restomod 94 Lexus LS400 for sale حولي -  5
Restomod 94 Lexus LS400 for sale حولي -  6
Restomod 94 Lexus LS400 for sale حولي -  7
Restomod 94 Lexus LS400 for sale حولي -  8

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3,500 د. ك
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حولي، مدينة الكويت أظهر على الخريطة

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