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Paper Writing/Editing Tutor

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Look no further for help with your written assignments!

Whether you’re stuck on a short essay, research report or master’s thesis, I (a seasoned Canadian writer and tutor), will guide you through the entire writing process, helping you earn a top grade.

Have you been assigned a term paper but have no clue where to begin? I can help you brainstorm ideas, write a clear outline, structure/re-structure your content, complete your references, proof-read your entire paper, etc.

I work one-on-one with each client and assist with ANY type of written English-language assignment.

My services include (but aren't limited to):
• Standard essays and reports
• Dissertations/Theses
• Research Papers
• Literature Review
• Presentations
• Speech Writing
• Research Proposals
• Book Reports/Reviews
• Movie Reviews
• Editing
• Thesis Statement
• Opinion pieces
• College Admissions Essays and Personal Statements
• Creative Writing
• General Coursework

Drop me a line to inquire about my personalized tutoring services and prices (vary by assignment).

Thanks and take care!