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Inflatable Air Lounger ... كنبة هوائية للتخييم او الجلوس على الشاطئ

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Quick Inflation - No Air Pump Needed: - Materials of our inflatable lounger are lightweight and durable Polyester fabric. In a windy day, it can be inflated after you run a few steps against wind no more than 10 seconds, it do not need any inflator tools;
Portable Design & Use place: Only 1.2kg weight design but it can bear 220kg, it can be taken to anywhere anytime; specially suitable for camping, beach swimming, outdoor BBQ, park, backyard;
Convinent :There are 3 pockets on different sides of the inflatable couch, you could put your phone and tablet in the left two pockets, on the right pocket, you could put your power bank or bottle;
Longer time & Good sealing: Relaxing and stays inflated for 4-8 hours.compare to other sellers, our company's air lounger uses PC strip, other sellers use PPT strip; the elastic of PC strip is better, make sure air lounger not easy to leak;
No crack: compare to other sellers, we sewing one more line on the joint of the air lounger, others only one line. the purpose is to make sure it can really bear 220kg weight, won't crack after jump several times;