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Ikea Flintan office chair

حولي، مدينة الكويت تم إضافة الإعلان في 13:39, 24 مارس 2020, رقم الإعلان: 100888045

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Only used for few weeks in office. Almost new condition. New price KD 28. Selling for very cheap since closing office down.
Total chairs available - 12.
Will sell to buyer all chairs for KD 390.

You can lean back with perfect balance, as the tilt tension mechanism automatically adjusts the resistance to suit your weight and movements.

You sit comfortably since the chair is adjustable in height.

Your back gets support and extra relief from the built-in lumbar support.

The safety castors have a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism that keeps the chair in place when you stand up, and releases automatically when you sit down.

The castors are rubber coated to run smoothly on any type of floor.

Relieves strain on your arms and shoulders.

Increased stability since the tilt function is lockable when the backrest is in the upright position.

May be completed with KOLON floor protector.

This chair is tested and approved for office use.

This chair has been tested for office use and meets the requirements for durability and stability set forth in the following standards: EN 1335 and ANSI/BIFMA x5.1.

Ikea Flintan office chair حولي -  2
Ikea Flintan office chair حولي -  3

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