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Human resources and training Manager

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Experienced Human resources and training Manager worked on a chain Hotels.
* Instructor for all Departments Training and development.
*Training Manager.
* Work in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
Call 201 - أظهر الرقم - 082
* Skills: (HOTEL & FIRMS) 1- Developing and implementing the FIRMs compensation and benefits systems, policies and procedures.  2- Interviewing & selecting employees.
3- Support the attraction, retention and motivation of employees that are competent and capable of meeting the FIRMs needs.  4- Remuneration benchmarking, analysis of market data and provide recommendations for annual salary structure adjustments.  5- Preparation and submission of salary survey contributions.  6- Implementation of the annual (merit & bonus) cycle administration.  7- Ensure the integrity of all compensation related data.  8- Review, develop and implement Human Resources policies and procedures ensuring that polices are kept up to date and reflect business needs.  9- Providing advice to staff regarding the interpretation of Human Resources policies and procedure.
10- Human Resources programs and initiatives designed to meet business needs.   11- Ensuring that accurate job description is in place for all positions.  12- Evaluating job descriptions in line with the approved methodology.
13- Responsible for Training Needs Analysis for All of the Employees.