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8) Oracle DBA

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1 Must be Oracle® DBA
2 Must have at least 15 Years’ experience in Pre-installation for Database, like JVM, storage planning, installation and maintenance of databases
3 Must converse with 4th generation languages
4 Must be excellent in GUI
5 Knowledge of good command on both Arabic and English languages
6 Must have good knowledge of technical standards
7 Must have prepared and produced feasibility reports
8 Preferably have Experience in Unix internals, load balancing between multiple nodes particularly Real Application Cluster. Kernel Parameters related to Unix system and oracle database
9 Must have a good command on how to prepare and present user requirements reports
10 Must have in-depth knowledge in SQL .Extensive experience in creating procedural object using PL/SQL
11 Must be able to Performa monitoring and fine tuning database.
12 Must be able to make Backup and Recovery. (online, offline, RMAN) Familiar with Legato Backup software.
13 Knowledge of Application Server (middle tier) administration
14 Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server and internet Application Server for running web based applications.
15 Working knowledge of distributed database administration.
16 Working knowledge of ASM.