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3 Burner Automatic Rotary Shawarma Gyro Doner Machine FULL SET

المنطقة الحرة، مدينة الكويت تم إضافة الإعلان في 00:20, 16 سبتمبر 2018, رقم الإعلان: 100523271

الحالة جديد

Automatic Spinning ( Rotary ) with Upper Motor ( 240 volt )

Stainless Steel , Made in Turkey ,

Brand New in The Factory Box !

3 BURNER Works with Propane LPG Gas ,
Automatic Spinning ( Rotary ) with Upper Motor. ( 240 Volt )
Capacity: 30 kg Gyro Meat Capacity

What is contents of Shipping Box ?
> Stainless Steel Shawarma Machine 3 Burner ,
Automatic Spinning ( Rotary ) with Upper Motor ( 220V )
> Meat Holder
> Meat Sheesh ( skewer )
> Handle for spinning ( rotary
> Gyro Meat Service Tray ( Round )

Automatic Spinning ( Rotary ) with Upper Motor 3 Burner FULL SET Shawarma Gyro Machine

This Machine will send from istanbul-Turkey with Fedex or Dhl Express (included Shipping charge , Free Shipping ) Estimated Delivery Time untill 1 week when the completed payment with your choose payment method. we will give to you a valid Tracking Number and You can track till delivered to you!

we are using Payoneer Payment Method or Bank Transfer Method.
if you choose Payoner Payment Method, Please send to us your mail address. We will send to your mail address a Payoneer invoice for complete payment

you can contact us with whatsapp or e-mail
our whatsapp Number is: + 905 - أظهر الرقم - 2
( istanbul-Turkey ) We have only English/Turkish Customer Support

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Doner Shawarma Gyro Machine Propane Gas LPG Stainless Steel FULL SET

130 د. ك

HAND MADE 12 pcs.Traditional GLASS Turkish Tea Cups and Saucers Set

HAND MADE 12 pcs.Traditional GLASS Turkish Tea Cups and Saucers Set

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Coffee and Turkish Tea Large Size Handle Cups and Saucers Set 12 PCS.

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600 د. ك

Automatic Propane Gas STAINLESS STELL Shawarma Gyro Machine FULL SET

240 د. ك

340 د. ك
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