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16) OS/400 Operation specialist

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Appropriate university qualification (computer, trade, engineering, etc.)
Experience of at least 10 years in IBM OS / 400 operating systems

Knowledge & Experience:
1. Coordinates installation of new hardware/software; installs, tests, and monitors the operation of computer hardware and software; configures hardware and software to meet departments’ needs for IBM AS/400 Machines.
2. Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks and hardware.
3. Troubleshooting system problems and diagnosing and solving hardware/software faults.
4. Finding solutions to problems relating to the operating system.
5. Replacing parts as required.
6. Providing support, including procedural, documentation.
7. Following diagrams and written instructions to repair a fault or set up a system.
8. Setting up new users.
9. Conducting electrical safety checks on computer equipment.
10. Performs system back-ups; distributes output; performs minor troubleshooting for equipment problems and contacts vendor for more complex service needs;
11. Follows established procedures in routine problem situations to recover from job a bends;
12. consults with and may assist supervisor, lead operator, or departmental systems analyst on problems that cannot be resolved routinely;
13. keeps daily written log of routine maintenance and unusual occurrences;
14. uses database management software for recording job problems and equipment breakdowns;
15. Performs routine preventive maintenance on computer and peripheral equipment; cleans printers, tape drives, and tapes; load, unloads, labels, and files storage media; logs tapes in and out of storage system; locates misplaced or mislabeled tapes; erases tapes according to schedule; and assists in maintaining tape library.